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Welcome To Our Website

Every year in September the Greater Columbia Marine Foundation hosts the largest Mud Run in the Southeast. The race attracts thousands of people from all over the Southeast and beyond. The Ultimate Challenge Mud Run is over 4.2 miles, and has 30 obstacles that have to be crossed by each team requiring team work and a lot of determination. The 4.2 mile course is an all-terrain race conducted on dirt roads, improved and unimproved trails through the training area. These trails include mud holes, walls, trenches and other obstacles that require swimming, crawling, climbing and jumping. Some people come to compete, but many come just to complete!

Last year we had 1800 teams compete which well exceeded the attendance from 2008 (1200 teams in 2008). Also, the 2009 event was a huge success because of the many groups who came together to support and welcome home our Marines. We are proud to have your continued support and hope you will join us in 2010!


Are You Ready To Get Dirty?

Due to the overwhelming response and sell out crowd at the 2009 USMC Mud Run, the Greater Columbia Marine Foundation is MOVING!
The new location for the 2010 USMC Mud Run will be known as The Leatherneck, and is located at the Sandy Run Exit (read as Muddy Run) off of I-26.

What can you expect?

  • The same course layout with wider lanes (no congestion)!
  • Obstacles will remain the same (with some new additions)!
  • More parking (closer)!
  • and, of course, More MUD!

Greater Columbia Marine Foundation

The Greater Columbia Marine Foundation which is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization sponsors the event annually to raise money to support Marines and their families from the Columbia area who have been wounded or killed while serving on active duty. Profits from the race are also used to support several local college scholarships named after Marines killed serving their country and local events which promote the Marine Corps in the community. Thank you for your participation and support of this event!